COVID-19 Data Project

Today's world generates data at an unimaginable pace, making it nearly impossible to keep up. That's why we started the volunteer driven COVID-19 Data Project, to help you and your communities stay safe!

The COVID-19 Data Project team volunteers + BroadStreet are committed to procuring the most reliable data for the United States because improving our knowledge will be the key for securing our future.

Our project has collected created research-ready, local-level data into three datasets:

We have also prepared maps and a selection of intern-led research projects to help you learn more about the impact of COVID-19 in America.

How many new people are testing positive and how many die each day?

With increases in testing centers around the country, improved techniques, and rapid reporting, we're seeing rapid jumps in cases.

Despite improved testing efforts, experts believe the true number of infections are much higher than what the numbers show.

How fast is COVID-19 spreading?
Any signs of slowing down yet?

This chart helps you see when the trend starts to turn up/down for COVID-19. You can see a state or county with mouse-over or selecting from drop-down menu.

The chart indicates many states and counties are slowing down in infections and deaths.

Other states and counties are exhibiting a similar slowdown trend. It's important to note this may represent a change in testing and reporting trends, or a slight decrease in how quickly COVID-19 is spreading.

We'll watch closely if this trend continues over the next few weeks to draw any conclusions.
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This chart shows how quickly COVID-19 infections and deaths are doubling.

When the slope of the curve decrease and becomes more horizontal (flattening), it's a sign that the virus spread is slowing down.
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How many total confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in your State and County?

This chart helps you see:
1. How many people have been infected.
2. How many have died from COVID-19 in your State and County.

You can also get an idea of how your county is doing compared to others.

So far, many counties are still increasing in both confirmed cases and deaths.

Numbers were collected for humans by humans. Our dedicated team is working remotely across the country. We have released tentative numbers to serve the public good. BroadStreet takes data validation very seriously and we are working on comparing our data to multiple other COVID-19 datasets. Our hope is that our free, research-ready dataset will contribute to the public good.